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Our Story

Becking Wellness is a woman owned and operated clinic here in Dexter, Missouri. Previously of “Becking Clinic Cape Girardeau”, Chantelle Becking has over 12 years of experience helping her clients feel great again. Becking Wellness is now MD powered with the addition of Dr. Dawn Caruso who has been a practicing physician for over 25 years.

The energy at Becking Wellness is contagious. We have come together to HELP PEOPLE FEEL GREAT AGAIN. We offer the services that have been game changers in our own lives.

Our Motto is..."Get To Living...We Can Help!"

We are passionate about our services and strive to put our clients' needs first while helping them on this journey every step of the way. The mission is to get our clients back to a place of feeling great again.  GET YOU BACK!

Natural & MD Supervised Semaglutide & Tirzepatide Weight Loss, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, & cutting edge laser technologies for fat reduction, body contouring, muscle development, cellulite reduction, & skin tightening paired with our breakthrough one on one consults are a total game changer for our clients. 

If you have struggled with uncontrollable weight gain, stubborn belly fat, low energy and fatigue, low libido, vaginal dryness, ED for men, sleep issues, or feeling past your prime- We Can Help You Get Back to the Best Version of YOU with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.

New to Becking Wellness- Libido Wellness Services. Let's get you performing optimally at any season in life! As one of the only licensed clinics in Missouri offering both the O-Shot for Women & the P-Shot for Men we draw clients from 4 states for the procedure.

Our partnership with Alcheme Medical Aesthetics allows us to create a one stop shop for all of your aesthetic and wellness needs under one roof. From Botox, Fillers, Daxxify, Juvederm,  Facials & Cutting Edge Facial and Laser Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, & Eye Lash Extensions our med spa will have you feeling like you-2.0. 

Monthly Promotions


Take a journey to change from the inside out, get healing from emotional eating.

This treatment can be used to restore hormones to their optimal levels.

Using FDA cleared technology, Becking Wellness laser services help you shed inches fast.

Facial skin-care services to help you look and feel great again.

The O-Shot for women & the P-Shot for men are absolute game changers in the sexual health department.

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